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Coral-Mine - 30 filter-sachets 1g each

Made in Japan from deep-sea coral custom-made and under the control of Coral Club International; Contains a rich complex of natural salts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, chrome, and other microelements; Controls mineral balance in the body, supports an alkalescent pH level, and normalizes vital systems and organs.

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According to WHO (World Health Organization) the average life expectancy of a man in Japan is 82 years, and on Okinawa islands it is 10-15 years longer than in the whole of Japan. The researches confirmed that the high longevity rates of the island’s population depended on the quality of their drinking water. The indicator of calcium in the drinking water of Naga (prefecture of Okinawa) is the highest level, not only in Japan, but also in the entire world. As the islands are situated on the coral atolls, the drinking water is filtrated by the corals and saturated with calcium ions. Out of 2,500 types of coral the white Sango coral is the only coral useful for a human. An analysis has shown that it consists of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and a great number of essential microelements. At the present time, there are industrial mines working the Sango coral around Okinawa. The end product is called Coral-Mine.

The high content of calcium in bioavailable, easy-absorptive form which is very useful for the body. Calcium plays many important functions: it alkalizes the body, provides normal blood coagulability, influences cell growth and activity regulation, provides the passing of electrical pulses through nerve fibers, participates in metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect, and serves as a building material. Calcium deficiency can lead to the start of over 150 diseases.

A balance shift towards an increase in acidity is one of the causes of many diseases. As soon as the body system alkalizes and the normal acid-base balance is restored, the body starts to recover. The body is constantly searching alkali stocks to neutralize the excess of acids. There is only one supply in the human body – bones. Calcium if placed into any fluid neutralizes the excess of acidity. But calcium by itself is not easily absorbed from food products, and at a certain time the body starts to take it from the bones, causing osteoporosis (osteomalacia).

Coral-Mine restores mesomorphic water structure. Being a unique liquid crystal, water perfectly provides the aspect of inter- and intracellular space. At freezing temperatures coral water is formed into a perfect form of a snowflake, which is evidence of water molecule doublet order. And as far as all the water in living organisms is structured, this quality of the coral is of special value for health preservation.

Our body is 70% liquid; the blood, lymph, saliva, mucous membranes being slightly alkaline (ph of the blood of a healthy man is 7.4). A decrease in pH, that is, an increase in acidity, leads to immunoreaction disorders, rapid multiplication of viruses and bacteria getting into the blood, malassimilation of vitamins and trace elements, diseases of the heart, vessels, blood and many other pathologic states of the body, including oncological ones.

One of the basic chemical elements, making up our body is calcium. Calcium deficiency in the body leads to over 150 serious illnesses; children, pregnant women and people over 40 are especially sensitive to them.

Coral-Mine saturates water with active, ionized calcium. Daily use of such water helps:
 • reach the optimal level of blood pH;
 • decrease the risk of cardio-vascular diseases and diseases of the digestive system;
 • saturate the blood with oxygen;
 • normalize the blood pressure and the sugar content of the blood ;
 • normalize the function of the kidneys, digestive system and liver.

Pharmaceutical form: powder (1 packet contains 5 (or 2) foil minipackets, each containing 6 sachets of 1g).
1g sachet contains: coral powder (993mg) containing about 70 essential elements (including calcium - 34,6%, magnesium - 2,16%, sodium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, fluorine, bromine, manganese, chromium, boron, carbon, zinc, selenium, cooper, gold, etc.), L-ascorbic acid(5mg), silver(2mg).
Recommended use: place one sachet of Coral-Mine into a 1,5 l bottle of filtered or distilled water, it’s ready to use in a minute. Drink it during the day instead of usual water. You can place sachets with calcium into compotes, tea, any non- aerated beverages. Don’t boil them.

Coral-mine (Alka-Mine) creates a favorable, slightly alkaline medium in the body, normalizing its acid-base balance. It has been known for a long time that alkaline medium is essential for normal functioning of our cells, therefore, for that of the whole body. It’s also known that all metabolic processes on the cellular level occur with the participation of calcium ions. Calcium we get from foods and water is not biologically active. One of the benefits of Alka-Mine is its highly bioavailable form: in contact with water, calcium changes into an ion form that is easily assimilated by cells.

30 filter-sachets 1g each


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